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Central New Jersey continues to invite us to join in Beer Tasting!
“Hunterdon Hops” meets the third Thursdays of the month. For details email [email protected]
Hunterdon Hops # 12 July 25, 2018
Hunterdon Hops # 13 August 15, 2018
Whisky Circle
Whiskey Circle July 28, 2018
Weekly Whisky
Weekly Whisky #2 July 18, 2018
Weekly Whisky #3 August 22, 2018

Mid-Hudson Mensa continues to invite us to participate in their events which can be found at


Save the date for 2018 picnic: August 5, 2018 at Pavilion I (eye)
Details about the 2018 Picnic [.html] [word format] map

Click here for a few pictures of Picnic August 13, 2017.

Click here for some pictures of the August 7, 2016, picnic.
Click here for map of Van Saun Park [pdf format]

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