In the beginning…(a brief history of NNJM)
Once upon a time, the organization called Mensa was unknown in northern New Jersey. Slowly a small number escaped from the Densa masses and banded together for mutual mental preservation.
On a June day in 1969, Sid Riskin called Marvin Lippincott to see if he was interested in being active in Mensa. Marv’s reply was to come on over and discuss how to have Mensa become a viable entity in the northern part of New Jersey. Thus was born North Jersey Mensa, growing into Northern New Jersey Mensa as we know it today. There were other groups before and after that also contributed to NNJM, some of which will be mentioned further.
Sid began publishing a local newsletter, Entropy, and acted as Local Secretary. Marvin became Treasurer. In November (issue #3 of Entropy), a call was made for more participation and a meeting was arranged to discuss the future and organization of NJM. Events listed for November included poker, bridge, a luncheon, an open house and a business meeting.
What area is covered by NNJM?
Local groups are determined by Zip Code areas. NNJM is made up of the Zip Codes starting with 071, 073, 074, 075, 076, 078, part of 079, and most of 070. This is roughly the area of the state north of Interstate Route 78, minus Sussex and part of Warren counties.


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