Emerging From The Dark

1 year ago

Now we are here 51 years after our last event. Now we are in 2020. This is when our chapter became recognized. We made so much progress. We have linguistic artist Franck Mounier, Kimberly Lynn with original ideas, and the Holzmann family with our first website (Yes we had another website), Tresurer, and Imprint. In June 2021 Kimberly went to the national level and made Blast. Franck was on the back of the Mensa Bulletin. But then next month it broke up the Holzmanns moved and Kimberly left for the national level. But we weren’t finished we got Amazing Teen Rohan Raghu, Phill Garguilllo, and Melissa Starr to replace the Holzmanns. And Sankar Nakarkutty to replace Kimberly. We just hit a big bang on August 4, 2021 when Phill Garguilo, and teamates Edward Malhan, Dave Kerr, Srithik Jha published https://nnjmensa.org/ 2.0 as our chapters site. This site is the site you are looking this on. Also, Sankar helped make our Annul Picnic on August 8, 2021.

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