Annual World Gathering


The 2021 Annual Gathering is a party 75 years in the making!

Join Mensans from around the world to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mensa’s founding. With a focus on cultural and intellectual experiences from around the globe, we aim to showcase all the different kinds of smart.

For information and registration please visit: and be sure to let us know. For more details, please see the latest edition of IMprint.

NNJ Mensa Annual Picnic – August 8

We are excited to be able to resume safely our Annual Picnic!

Let’s get together around a barbecue and plenty of activity for all ages.

Come join our community to share food, activities, conversation and great moments!

All ages are welcome!

Are you interested to offer an activity? From Horseshoes, cornhole bean bags, boardgames, music, poetry, sculpture… just come forward!

Games, food, Booze for 21+

Join us on August 8th for our Annual Picnic. More details (location and time) can be found in the the July edition of IMprint

Movie Night!

Pop some popcorn, get comfortable, and join us for a
virtual movie night. We will either use Teleparty or Kast
(depending on the movie). A group chat will even let you
chat with others throughout the movie without any
shhhhh sounds from the rest of the audience.