Adult Mensans say…

  • In a world that is large, fast-paced, extremely busy, and impersonal, Mensa offers community: a small group of people who have something in common, enjoy each other’s company, and care about each other.  I know that if I had to move to another part of the country, I could immediately find another welcoming group of possible friends.
  • We’re a diverse group of people – all ages, professions, backgrounds, ethnicities, and interests. And we have a multitude of Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) as a result. But we have one common trait – high intelligence.
  • We’re an elite organization: only 2% of the world qualifies, and YOU would be part of it!
  • The Mensa community is full of people who get your jokes.  No need to explain things 5 times, slowly and carefully — we get what you’re saying the first time and can add to it.  We can also tell if you’re blowing smoke, so have your facts right, but don’t be afraid to brainstorm — we’re great at that!
  • NNJ Mensa has many local events to connect and stimulate with members. In addition, Mensans host over 40 Regional Gatherings (RG’s), where members from across the country meet for a weekend of activities, speakers, entertainment, and hospitality.
  • We also give you discounts for buying stuff.

Young Mensans say…

Here you have fun with people that understand you. They understand your challenging riddles and discuss interesting topics with you. They are here to help you because NNJM ( North New Jersey Mensa) is a united community that helps community members. You also get to go to awesome, amazing, and fantastic places where you definitely wouldn’t go on a regular field trip. You can participate in online events like online games and online regional gatherings. You can be part of the groups that match your hobbies. If you like to be outdoors you can be in the Club Med SIG. If you like art you can be in Art Lovers SIG. And that is why you should join NNJM.