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Our Chapter will always welcome all our members, adults or teens, to volunteer!

NNJM Youth

There are plenty of resources for young Mensans and gifted youth. This page was constructed with the help of young Mensans and includes a page of fun stuff. Please check it out and let us know if you’d like to include more stuff by visiting our suggestion box.

Resources on Giftedness

Young Mensans Young Mensans are one of the fastest-growing segments of Mensa’s membership. There are thousands of YM’s across the nation, and Mensa offers programs and services specifically designed to meet their unique needs. Gifted Youth Mensa for Kids This website is made especially for our gifted youth. It has games and books. There are…

Social Media

In this section we we show all the social media platforms the Mensa has as of July 2021. There are things from for Chess to Youtube.

Games and Puzzles

Here is a list of games and puzzles we like. If you have a game or puzzle you’d like to see featured here, please use our suggestion box to let us know which one. Games and Puzzles

Fun things

Here is a list of fun things for younger folks. Please comment below if you’d like to share

Good Reads

We schedule our activities on our calendar, and activities range from tours to guest speakers to parties.