Getting involved is fun, and makes NNJ Mensa a vibrant group. All members, adults or teens, are invited to volunteer. Big jobs, small jobs -there’s something for everyone.

Here are some of the popular areas for volunteers:

  • Our monthly magazine, IMprint.
  • Events – ideas, planning, running, helping
  • Website and social media
  • Parents and Youth
  • Reading scholarship essays
  • Hosting and proctoring Mensa admission tests

Help Wanted Now:

Organizer of Activities

You will be in contact with the membership chair and run the activities you wish: monthly gathering at a restaurant, game encounter at your home or out, trivia night, book club, theater. Activities could be on-line or in person, one-time or recurring. A great way to meet other members among the 600+ in our chapter…

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Our testing facilities have reopened, so this is the perfect time to be trained to become a proctor! The proctor administers tests to prospects wishing to qualify for Mensa membership. The proctor is often the first Mensa representative that potential members meet. The work performed by the proctor is of incredible value to Mensa, contributing…

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Gifted Youth Coordinator

Mensa is committed to furnish a safe, supporting and stimulating environment for Young Mensans. This person leads the local YM’s initiative, and supports the organization of events, encounters, activities in that light in our Chapter, and is in contact with our National Gifted Children Coordinators, and GYC in the other chapters. The GYC is in…

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Membership Chair

To replace our current membership chair, we need a person or group of persons who can support activities, either on-line or in person, and continue developing the connections and well-being in our community. The MC is in direct contact with the LocSec and is part of the ExComm. If you are interested to support, even…

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